PRK Eye Surgery

I wore glasses for most of my life, and I didn't mind them most of the time. However, the anti-glare coating started to flake off of the lenses during a winter climb, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation; I had to build anchors and downclimb with blurry vision! That's when I decided to finally...

NASA Sensor Pod

I haven't had time to build any pods lately, but how could I say no to NASA? This custom sensor pod features 5 sensor ports to carry scientific missions. Foam core router fixture Painted! In the oven Post Cure Oven Side cover mold Side cover vacuum bagged Drill fixtures for sensor ports

Tapalpa 2021

inter months, the best soaring conditions are found in the southern hemisphere. This winter, I checked out out Tapalpa, Mexico, along with 16 members of the Lift Crew. The trip was fantastic and every single day was soarable, despite being very early in their soaring season. Getting to Tapalpa was easy. We booked a direct flight...