February 2023


I finished installing dishy on the camper van! The stock dish isn't well-suited for for vehicle installations and it is annoying to set up and tear down with each use. The best solution for van dwellers is a flat mount conversion. In fact, Starlink recently launched a high performance flat mount dish, but it has...

July 2022

Chevy Paint

My 2012 Chevy Express is losing paint! It turns out that these vehicles have poor adhesion between the paint and primer, which eventually starts to peel. For now, I'm going to play whack-a-mole, but I might need to eventually repaint the whole vehicle.My local body shop wanted $1,500 to fix it, but I managed to...

June 2022

June 2021

New Workshop

I finished building out my new workshop! Lighting: LED panel lights from Home Depot. Super bright!Compressed Air: E-max compressor (quiet!) and RapidAir compressed air lines.Workbenches: 8ft x 4ft welded workbenches from ProTables in Sacramento.Industrial Curtains: Custom Akron curtains separate clean and dirty work areas.Tool Chests: 44" tool chests from Harbor Freight are one of the...